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This Feeling of Love
by Indu Nair

This feeling of love that I have for you,
A feeling so strong, so special, so new.
You give me the gift of happiness each day,
Never have I known it could be this way.
You have given your love regardless of cost,
With my heart in your care, I will never be lost.
Or never again wonder what love really means,
For now I do know it means so many things.
Understanding and caring, through good times and bad,
Sharing emotions, should they be happy or sad.
Being there for each other through laughter or tears,
At each other’s side for the rest of our years.
My only wish is to be with you, my love,
For each day I pray to the heavens above.
That you always remember my feelings for you.
A feeling so strong, so special, so new!


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