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I Wish
by Kristi

I wish that you could feel
My arms about you tight,
Holding you up close
All thru out the night.

To know that I am there
And never away far,
That I will remain
Where ever that you are.


That you could press back
Into my warm embrace,
And feel my soft touch
Warm against your face.

Or you could shift your hips
And press against me tight,
To feel my body’s heat
And my lips kissing you light.


I wish that you could hear
My softly whispered song,
To lull you into sleep
For it’s here that we belong.

That you could hear me say
All you need to hear,
As I tell you of my love
Whispered soft against your ear.


And you could feel my breath
Warm against your skin,
As I let my presence beg you
To let this true love in.

I wish that I could hold you
And whisper long into your night,
Never would you wonder then
As I held you to me tight…


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